Primator English Pale Ale

Марка: Primator
Държава: Чехия
Количество: 500 мл.
Алк.: 5%
Стил: Английски светъл ейл
Цвят: Червена
Възможност за покупка: В наличност
Цена: 2.39 лв.

A top-fermented English-style semi-dark beer. A dark amber beer with a rich hop aroma and the specific bitter taste of original English hops, which are more intense compared to Saaz hops. It leaves a dry lingering bitter taste on the palate. The zesty taste of this beer is not as strong compared to Czech lagers. This beer certainly goes well with typical English fish and chips.  It goes great with traditional Czech dishes such as roast duck or roast pork,  steaks and grilled sausages. It is a beer to try, experience, and enjoy. Serve in a special glass slightly open at the top, chilled to 10 - 13°C.

Информация за бирата
Държава Чехия
Количество 500 мл.
Алк. 5%
Стил Английски светъл ейл
Цвят Червена

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